How We Make YouTube Films

A glimpse at how we make video with a minor help from an 8K Purple digital camera. Watch the final video: Ken on Twitter: Jimmy…


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26 thoughts on “How We Make YouTube Films

  1. I think this might be a good place to mention this: Resolution isn’t really well quantified by pixels. But what has been mad clear by now is that there is effectively no benefit from viewing an image at a higher resolution than 2K (except for special purposes like IMAX). Now shooting is a different topic because of things like debayering, image processing and many other factors, it’d be wrong to say that an image looks more detailed because it’s shot at a higher resolution. The Arri Alexa delivers a much more detailed picture at 2,5K than a RED at 6K. Generally speaking RED cameras have been very disappointing in compression to less praised cameras, not just the Alexa. If you are interested in how the science works you can watch a comprehensive comparison and resolution demo on The Last Jedis cinematographers site YedlinDOTnet….

  2. Super cool!!! I wish there was a video going into detail and how you guys use FCP for color correction. Ive been using a Mavic and recording 4k video In D log.

  3. Jesus Christ! It really fucking pisses me off when I see YouTubers using Red Cameras to make talking head videos basically in their living rooms. You 100% don't need all that equipment. Get your self the GH5 or any Sony mirrorless camera of your choosing, Or even a C100 mkII (which is still an amazing camera, even in 2018) for that matter and shoot. This is such a waste of money if you're not using all of this equipment to its fullest potential, like short films or intensive VFX shots AND ONLY DOING TALKING HEAD VIDEOS! Not only are you spending $50K for the body you have to spend an extra $20K – $30K for the accessories (and lenses) and around $10K for the computer to edit all that Redcode Raw footage and close to $5K to store all that footage. When investing in a Red 8K camera for YouTube your ROI (Return on Investment) is going be slow to recover and will mostly take years to make all of that back. Unless you have some crazy partnerships/ sponsors to help pay for all of that gear. It's cool that you guys can afford all this gear, but to be honest, this is a really bad example of what the YouTube community is becoming. The excuse people use is "future proofing" but at what cost? And if part of the BTS video is out of focus like it was because you were moving around, that means you're using AF, why spend all that money if you're going to use AF! You've just wasted a ton of money to have one of your videos out of focus. If you're using a Red, there's no excuse for why your shots are out of focus! — It's one thing if you're a channel like DevingSuperTramp, using Red cameras on his channel, because he runs a professional production company, and his sponsors pay him a lot, I mean a lot of money for his work, and probably makes it all back within a few months. — The moral of the story is, you don't need to spend $120,000USD on a camera system to make a "crispy" YouTube video. I've done professional projects on my GH5 and the client has no idea. And Guess what, I've paid off all of my gear within the first month!

  4. Being someone who works in the film industry as a Gaffer I can honestly say Im impressed with your set up. Your workflow for post is simple for youtube videos and gets the job done. Im impressed how much Ken and your team havbe learned to be able to deliver these ttypes of videos. Now if only I could find a kush youtube gig id be in 7th heaven. Working in the film industry is extremely hard work. Working 12-16 hour days is brutal. I recently got off a project that lasted 6 months with the Paramount Network. Its tough while youre working it but amazsingly rewarding when the product is done. This video you guys posted here will keep me coming back for more content knowing you guys take the time and effort to put real professional work into your content.

    Cheers guys! Keep it coming! If you need any help with anything please feel free to reach out!

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