Wow!!! Wonderful Brilliant Do-it-yourself Tips

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26 thoughts on “Wow!!! Wonderful Brilliant Do-it-yourself Tips

  1. … the second steel plate probably had a thicker gauge for the bender. the table where it is attached almost gave away 😉 but I got the point, a bigger bender is needed if thicker steel plate will be done. brilliant idea though!

  2. 1000 Thanks man! I am into wood and smetimes I need to cut wood by hand as in the old way! Here is my ''problem!'': I can not make a straight perpendicular cu!! It always tend to wave to a side!! Any idea?? Thanks again pal!! Keep showing please!!

  3. Maybe you should use those sort of bolts with that kind of ''ears'' to screw or unscrew without the need of tools (I do not know the name in english, sorry! But you know what I mean!!)

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