phra ngan better than phra chai?


Topic: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
Villarreal NE
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
as above… Cos i see alot individuals pray and buy phra ngan instead than phra chai. Issit becos its far better? Or a matter of choice?
I have a phra chai and i know usually the master wont give the katha cos its as well long or they scare ppl misuse it
Meyers WI
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
i think now it is hard to discover a actual phra chai(that soldiers use throughout the war) . the price are steep.
as for phra ngan, it is less expensive and it is virtually anywhere. and the effect ought to be around the exact same, ceteris paribus. but cant say it for all. some phra chai are way far better in effect.
Mcgowan CA
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
hello bro, thanks for sharing.
Initial of all might i know by what u mean actual phra chai?
Cos mine is a new batch made by lersi pu kasem and it cos extremely inexpensive and cost-effective
for me phra chai looks like the excellent way and phra ngan demonic way
Dixon KS
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
There is no excellent or demonic way bro there are only excellent or poor ppl.

Phra chai wears armour and Phra Ngan wears a gown.
Aside from that I see no difference.

Lately some masters made what u get in touch with Phor Ngan and right here I sense some variations, I am referring to the crooked crowned pop out eyed buchas.

Meyers VA
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
As soon as-referred to as Phra Ngang but now referred to as “Phra Chai” Buddha pictures.They are evolutional type of the attractive Buddha pictures, stressing on construction a lot more than extravagant details.
Phra Ngang is a vocab for calling a certain statuette of about three-4 inches higher. It refers to the Ayuthayan statuette that has no gown, sitting down on a triangle base. Such the statuette was so referred to as for several decades just because the former-generation individuals misunderstood that it is not represented Lord Buddha. So, they place Phra Ngang in the trouser’s pocket. But it is now very clear that they are misunderstood by the qualities of the statuette. Present-day collectors now get in touch with the statuette “Phra Chai” which means Buddha impression of Victory.Phra Ngang is the evolutional type of a attractive Buddha impression which depicts the Lord subduing Phya Chompoo(Mara) who was arogant for his excellent prosperity. As soon as Phya Chompoo met the Lord , he arrogantly paid out no respect to him. He imagined that no a single could evaluate to him on the prosperity. Lord Buddha, a former wealthy prince, employed his miraculous electrical power develop a mountain of treasures much a lot more than Phya Chompoo’ s and remodel his entire body to be the biggest emperor, totally embellished with valuable jewels.

Phya Chompoo was so frightend with the Lord’s excellent electrical power and yielded to him. The Lord taught him that getting an emperor did not mean significantly a lot more far better than other individuals because that a single nonetheless face with sufferings and the loss of life, and that a greatest human getting is a single who could destroy all evils in his mind and achieve Nipphan(Niravan)-no rebirth once more. By the Lord’s instructing, Phya Chom poo enlightened the fact and requested for an ordination from the Lord, and the Lord gave him a benevolence.

We have discovered several Ayuthaya period’s attractive Buddha pictures. All of them were developed based mostly on the pointed out legend with two qualities, sitting down and standing. The certain name of this Buddha impression is “Subduing-Phya-Chompoo Buddha Impression”. The sitting down type has significantly a lot more evolution. The attractive Buddha impression has developed to a simple statuette stressing on its construction a lot more than extravagant details.

Even though, so several individuals nonetheless misunderstands about its qualities and origin. The naive monks and lay persons commercially produce strange statuettes with crimson eyes and curved best-stem. They are nonetheless referred to as Phra Ngang. All these are imaginary products and not acknowledged by Thai veteran collectors. And a lot of them are exported!! Do you have a single of these products ??

Mcclain CA
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
hello bro the difference u refering to is in a poor way right? so are you warning us not to get these ‘newly’ phra ngan?
cause i think previous yr i also listen to something about these ‘new’ phra ngan.
is the ‘new’ phra ngan spirit ‘force’ to keep inside of? or…mind explaining a lot more? :confused2:
Roman AL
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
No I do not mean that there is something poor abt it. I myself have two twelve inch phor ngan.
I meant there is a difference among conventional ayyuthya Pn and the contemporary ngan.Individuals who worship the two will know the difference.

As for spirits getting compelled to reside, this is not restricted to Pn, it is taking place to kmt, hpy, lk etc. At the finish if the day, it all boils down to the monk or Arjan creating these products.

Not all spirits are willing so some wise alecs pressure them in.
I know of two extremely well-known guys who doing this. One is an Arjan and the other is a so referred to as monk, I choose to get in touch with him a butcher.

All i will say abt previous pn and contemporary ngans is that ayyuthya pn is wiser and contemporary ngans keen.

Rhodes IA
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
bro wasnt saying that you say all pn are poor. was inquiring about the ‘modern’ ngan.
haha.what difference? in phrases of jalan-ness? praying technique? experience? or..

ya i think i know who is the ‘arjan’.. but i was asking yourself who is the monk? mind to share via pm? or maybe i require to do a lot more research..hehe..

than once more bro, how about phra ngan by lp somchai?

Wallace KS
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
Phor ngans worship is favored because they can be keen to aid but phra ngan ayyuthya is wiser and in my view a lot more jalan because he do ir wisely while phor ngans long way to go to achieve phra ngan knowledge.

Should bear in mind that got spirits inside of the two apart from pure ngan essense which can be missing in contemporary makes.

Abt lp somchai, I reserve my remarks.

Gaines MO
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Re: phra ngan far better than phra chai?
My praying technique?
Alcoholic beverages, chatting, meditation and toasting.
I seldom chant kathas cause pn do not require a katha to hear to u or to realize u.
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