HOW I Movie YOUTUBE Video clips | camera, lenses, configurations, lighting, & modifying

Hey men! This movie is demonstrating how I setup and film youtube films. I present you what style of camera to purchase, camera configurations, lighting for films, & how I edit youtube films. **Disclaimer…


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31 thoughts on “HOW I Movie YOUTUBE Video clips | camera, lenses, configurations, lighting, & modifying

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a camera to record makeup videos. I have the nikon D3300. but you do not have the screen to see, how can you connect it to the lapto or a tablet to see me while I record a video, and what objective should I use? Is that an ideal camera for makeup videos? I do not know how to do it so that it will not be erased and you want to record videos and my face will be seen with the effect of beauty, softer skin. I hope you can help me

  2. hey Kimberli!! Thank you so much for this video! I'm getting started with youtube and I was thinking about buying a nikon d3100 with 50 mm 1.8 lenses. did you have any problems with the noise in the autofocus mode??
    Thank you!!

  3. U rich then, looked up ur camera that shits like 2 stacks DAMN. I have a good camera but urs lol I have 2 sell a car 2 get that. U have the most expensive 📷 on youtube but no flip screen lol

  4. Such a great video and I'm glad I stumbled upon it now but I've been searching for the right anwser to something that has been driving me crazy about my camera and I haven't gotten it yet, lol I have a Nikon d720 and I want to know how to have the camera continuously focus while I'm filming? Like if I have an object and I move it towards the camera (it focuses on its own) or if I move it far away from the camera it will focus on its own. Do you happen to know how I can get it to do that?

  5. I love your video. But I was wondering how you make sure you are in focus when you shoot with your camera that doesn’t have flip out screen? I envy canon users who use the EOS utility and view themselves from their MAC. Plus my 50mm 1.8g makes too much noise when focusing it disturbs voiceover

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