Sous Vide SAUSAGES Perfection – How to Prepare dinner SAUSAGE sous vide

I want to locate out if sausage sous vide are any distinct than sausages from the BBQ. For this cook dinner I am actually cooking quite a few types of sausages to check out sous vide and see how they will…


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23 thoughts on “Sous Vide SAUSAGES Perfection – How to Prepare dinner SAUSAGE sous vide

  1. I finally purchased a Sous vide planning to make a ham for Christmas. I thought I would try sausages first. I cooked up Italian Smoked Polish and Brats. I did 160 for 2 hours. All went well until, I broke out my torch and figured I would just do this in the kitchen. I fired up the torch and began. Oddly enough I started humming the same song, Needless to say, I now know why he takes it outside. The wife started screaming that the whole house smelled like barbeque.. I dunnno, I kinda liked it, but I promised that I would take outside next time. By the way, they were all LIKE WOW and excellent but the Smoked Polish Sausage was "AMAZING'!

  2. I love what you guys do and your open enthusiasm has prompted me to start using my Sous Vide cooker again, and more importantly for lots of more exciting dishes – KEEP GOING… 🙂

    One correction on the blood sausage. In the UK we do a 'Black Pudding' there are many recopies for the Black Pudding but typically include Pigs Blood, Pig Back fat (diced) Oatmeal, Salt, pepper , mixed spice ( other additions are Barley, spirits – whiskey or brandy, cream etc)….. All of this stuffed into an OX intestine.

    The hard bit is then the sausage is typically cooked in just off the boil water which is where MANY failures happen…. and then when cooled sliced and fried in a little fat.

    I am going to try this withe the superb control of Sous Vide at the initial cooking point in a Sous Vide bath (I use a Burton Sous Vide).

    Thanks again


  3. Love your videos. Why do you mostly sear with a torch instead of over charcoal. Also I remember my teen years hearing the word mingia. Could never find out what it means. Any help with that??? Thanks

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