Suad Pan Yaks Ritual to Remove Black Magic – Thai Buddha Magic

A synopsis and revelatory explanation of the Suad Pan Yaks Ritual. The Suad Pan Yaks Ritual to Remove Black Magic The Atanatiya Paritta, or Kata Suad Pan Yaks, is used in the Suad Pan Yaks…


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18 thoughts on “Suad Pan Yaks Ritual to Remove Black Magic – Thai Buddha Magic

  1. Ajarn, i have been cast with black magic by a malay family for 40 years, when they recite a chant, a evil sprit will go into my body and say, act things that i won't do or say. when i awake after the satan left, i cannot remembered anything.
    The pain in my body is very bad and lasts forever after each entry by the evil spirit. The satan spread lies and says that i will tell the 'truth' but its not. I didn't know about this black magic before. Its only after the family cheated my house, wealth before they stopped disturbing me. That was 17 years ago, i only came to know about me being the victim of their black magic 6 years ago.
    I have no more money, job to seek help as my body sustained fracutures on my back and i have been hosipitalised for more than 30 times. What the satan did was to recall what activities i did for the day , tell them and then lied, change the content of my activities.I have come to know through constant chanting and meditation practise occasionally when i am not in pain,( i need to take painkillers everyday) It seemms that the 'truth' is not about me but the person whom send the evil spirit into me, the satan will say things that pleases their master, owner whom send them into me but the rest of the people will think that it is the real me.The other form of satan is the one that would supressed my memory and make me forget what i did or say when the satan was in my body, i can recalled most of the incidents now but there's nothing i can do.
    It seems that my karma is not good enough to get protection from the triple gem. i am really lost now as i am 47 years old now with 5 fractures on my back and no job. The fractures were aggravated by the satans when they entered my body to repeat what i did, the jumo, fall from the parachute descend when i was in the army. i was running around like a fool without realising it, They even made me kneel down on my legs, hands to bark and behave like a dog.
    I have been very helpless for the past 40 years and now i don;t know what to do. The evil satan had done many bad things through out the past 40 years and the family have no remorse, they still think its ok to use the spell on me after causing the death of 3 people, more than 20 families to have breakup and many other people decieved, and cheated. My ex wife also learned the chant from them and use it on me.
    The chant seems very easy caused a 3 year old can use it on me as i have recalled now.
    Ajarn, please help and advice me on what to do and how to use this Kata to get rid of the black magic.I do followed the Theravada practise and recite the Iti pisu too but the satans were not afraid as when i am possessed, they moved into my house too to create chaos with no fear for the buddha statues i had in my house.
    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Mr Spencer wonderful download, thank you. Sad to see someone else upload your clip and youtube doing nothing. I am wonder if he knows what he stole. ha ha Peace and thanks again

  3. Thank you for posting this, I am victim to black magic from few sources. THrough consistent chanting and meditation, I think I am keeping things in control. I tried listening to this to see if it brings extra help. While listening to this, my left ear itched, inside my nostrils itched. My left hand and left leg twitched, and i find myself being able to take deeper breaths like my lung capacity increased, i dunno but that could be my body relaxing from meditating on the kata. And near the end, I have this vision, the face of a man in his mid-20s. Never met him before. Could he be one of the black magic source? (Maybe he is you heheh). Is this normal? I definitely feel lighter though. Thank you again.

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