Top rated 5 Diy Resources Anyone Should really Have – Car or truck Fix with Scotty Kilmer

Top rated 5 Diy tools every person really should have for car or truck fix. Mechanic tools every person really should very own that are vital to most styles of car or truck upkeep. Shopping for these tools and doing work on a car or truck yourself…


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37 thoughts on “Top rated 5 Diy Resources Anyone Should really Have – Car or truck Fix with Scotty Kilmer

  1. ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Ratchet and socket set:
    2. Jack:
    3. Jack stands:
    4. Scan tool:
    5. Tool Kit:
    6. Wrench Set:
    7. Jumper Cables:
    8. Common Sense
    9. Fixing a car yourself: Priceless

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  2. Scotty I have a 2002 2.0L Mk4 Jetta and It turns off while I'm driving and sometimes it turns on right away and sometimes I have to wait around 1 hr and its fine and also the revs go down it won't go past 60mph right now it won't start I guessing it can be the alternator?

  3. Scotty I’ve been thinking of getting an aftermarket remote start/keyless entry system for my car. I was handed down the car from a relative without a phobe. Do you have any advice on the matter? What brand? Should I get it or not? My vehicle is a 2006 Ford Escape with an in-line 4 and 4wd

  4. To anyone who thinks thats too much to spend…think about it….lets say you need a brake job, some mechanics charge hundreds of dollars for it, so you do it yourself, then next week, you need an oil change, that might cost $30-50, and if you drive as much as i do, thats an oil change every other month, and by now, the tools have basically payed for themselfs and you have only done a couple things. Think about how much money you will save in the long run

  5. I'm actually in the market for some jacks & stands. Went to look at some at walmart and someone put razors under the boxes and almost sliced my hands up real bad… Took that as a sign to stay away from walmart jacks/stands. Online reviews confirmed that, apparently not all jackstands are made the same – these didnt have a safety mechanism in place to prevent the jacks from collapsing when you hit the lever under the load of the car

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