10 Most Highly-priced Lodge Rooms In The Globe

Here are the 10 most costly resort rooms in the globe that only the richest could pay for.

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10 Most Highly-priced Lodge Rooms In The Globe


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44 thoughts on “10 Most Highly-priced Lodge Rooms In The Globe

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  2. Rooms: For Sheiks only!! (Filthy rich can also be filthy, which many of the locals are!!) Poor and begging, while the big s**ts wash their hands (if they wash) in sinks with gold knobs and gold towel racks! They can keep it!

  3. You know some debauchery happens when you got a hotel suite for $50,000 that takes up 9 floors with sitting rooms, lounges and 17 bedrooms. Who you fixin to invite to stay the night? I can't help but to think human sex slave parties for rich perverts.

  4. I stayed at a hotel in South Central Los Angeles Burger King deliver me food whistled out the window a prostitute came in give me the best head and a f*** and all I paid was $39 a night damn y'all over paying for that s***

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