Execs & Disadvantages of Staying in Hostels

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43 thoughts on “Execs & Disadvantages of Staying in Hostels

  1. There were bad nights when the couple next door were arguing at 4am in the morning. But I do pick up on there bad habbits. Like lack of plates. Keeping stuff in my room

  2. I'm watching because I too live in a hostel. Or shared place. A lot better than where I was before. I was homeless and got put in this place that had its own bathroom and was assigned with a really weird key worker. So over a few months I got moved upstairs and now sharing a bathroom and kitchen. I'm a guy so I live with other guys my age. But there's few old guys here. Big ol' house. Near the city centre. Got a nice views.

  3. I often go to Europe on the cheap and stay in hostels as my first European hostel trip is straight after my main vacation which I get off one plane then on another plane in one afternoon is less than £200 that includes flights, 3 night stay in the generator Barcelona and transport. it is around £400 to go to Paris by overnight coach for 3 nights then fly to Dublin for 2 nights and home also staying in the generator in both cities with whiskey tasting in Dublin included in august.

  4. Just opinion from me as Your fans, please You can just change "Asian" with people, You could just mentioned "people" coz such experience could happen to anyone, coz i afraid people become Stereotype and don't wanna be friends.. 😭

  5. recently i've heard that hostels are for backpackers and i was wondering if you're not a backpacker and just want to stay and travel around the cities are hostels still an option? also is there a time limit? i'm planning a month stay in australia. (:

  6. I've always wanted to travel the world but think it would be so expensive but to find out a lot of the places I want to go to have hostels and it's affordable . Oh shit lol time to get a passport

  7. another con: hairdryer. Not all hostels have it and if you hair need particolar care its a little annoying.
    Bathrooms: in Copenhagen we had one bathroom per floor and it was dirty, small and you litterally had no privacy.
    Beside this things I too reccommend staying in hostels cause its the cheapest you can get
    We also met 5 australian boys in Berlin😀
    God I miss travelling.. I need to catch a plane now.

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