How to Add Video Credits on YouTube Video clips

How to incorporate Video Credits on YouTube Videos—YouTube has built it easier to give credit history where it really is deserved, Derral Eves shows how to incorporate video credits to YouTube Video clips. You now have the…


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28 thoughts on “How to Add Video Credits on YouTube Video clips

  1. Does it work with unpopular YouTubers? Like if you only have 19 subs ;-; ? I haven't tried yet and I'm away from my computer right now… I'll look when I'm back home. Okie dokes, thx for this vid :3
    Btw, this isn't my animation account. Nobody cares. Yeh forgot. Ok for reals now, bye

  2. Well it turns out you need to have at least 5000 subs.

    Let´s make this comment your subscriber-helper.
    Everyone who comments will get a sub from me – and I would appreachiate it if you follow back. Let´s help each other out! (:

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