How to Time-lapse on Apple iphone

Filmed whilst taking pictures the time-lapse of the lights of the Metropolis of Sydney’s Xmas Tree, this one of a kind driving-the-scenes online video shares my complete best strategies for mastering your iPhone’s Time-Laps…


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37 thoughts on “How to Time-lapse on Apple iphone

  1. Cool video! I only have my phone for everything from filming editing uploading you named it. I always wanted to record time lapse but i never thought of using that feature on my phone… Ahahahah i always used the normal camera then just make it faster in adding which painful cause i have to do it several time…

  2. I was disappointed to find time lapse isn't 4k. Timelapse in 4k is not supported on the IPhone 6s+, if you set your standard video setting to 4k then go into the camera and swipe to video, at the top it will say 4k, then swipe to slow mo and it says whatever slow mo was set at, lets say HD120 but when you swipe to time lapse it says nothing. 1080px30 is what time lapse is, on the iPhone 6S+.

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