Pattaya: three Diverse Inns On or Close to Walking Avenue

For those people who want to stay right in the vicinity of the action I have looked at 3 distinct accommodations that are just a stone’s throw from Walking Avenue. I will enable you be the decide of which one’s are excellent value or not.


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32 thoughts on “Pattaya: three Diverse Inns On or Close to Walking Avenue

  1. silly videos ?…any good and sensible travellers would know how to find or search for themselves…it looks silly to do such videos?……just to get viewers and Youtube money…how many and how much you can get paid ? Shame … stuff ?

  2. Never , Never stay in a hotel nearest the entertainment places….you just get all the noises till the wee hours. better to stay away ? heard of an Italain man who got drugged and robbed few years ago….its such an hotel of no security etc.,

  3. ….run by ladyboys….not a safe place ? been there before. Stayed 1 night and off to another hotel . Its a one-night-stand hotel ? Not a good place to stay….think hard.there r so many much safer budget hotels around.

  4. If you would stay around walking street, better to try it out for a short while. Same with Soi 6/7/8/… Lot of noise until late at night. If that bothers you (like it would bother me), find an other place to stay.

  5. you are in the low people season, people will start showing up when its start getting cold in Russia, China, Japan, S, Korea, Britain and all the Nordic Countries getting cold, than Pattiya start really be full..interesting people from all around the World wants to hang out in Big Party. if you plan to stay that long.

  6. You can take buses out of town to small town areas to find much more interesting backpacker places for like only $10 a night where you can hang out with European and Australian budget tourists with beers, live music, and stuff. Your viewers will find that far more interesting and you'll be showing more of what Thailand is about. I wish I would have been into Youtube or known about monetizing videos back from 2008 to 2012 for I have lots of interesting Southeast Asia, Korea, US, and Europe videos from that time.

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