Greatest Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — six Budget Camera Reviews

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34 thoughts on “Greatest Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos — six Budget Camera Reviews

  1. Crazy good! Info!
    Bigest challenge to me is audio I observe some terrible audio out there can make or break and low lighting performance. Creating that mood with low lighting can be the key to make or break as well. Can see you are passionate that is very trusting quality. Thank You.

  2. Hi! Recently seen you video and I’m looking into getting a video camera to file home videos. Not a blogger or anything like that. Just a simple camera. What is the difference between a camcorder and a video camera?

  3. I will be starting to vlog, outside and my current camera (fujifilm finepix s8650) has awful audio quality. fixing it with a clip-on mic, to begin with, but not sure of the best way to expand…

  4. I want to start making better videos for my channel. I do crafting tutorials and I need a camera that has a good quality image for close ups of my hands when I do my tutorials because the camera I have now is old and crapy

  5. Thanks for the advice. This was super helpful. I am a complete novice when it comes to cameras and am in the process of building my own channel. I believe in my content and my passion but really desire a strong audio camera with 4k ability. I also want to purchase one in the next week. Would love any more insight…

  6. I would like to make videos in the near future about knitting, but I don't have a camera right now, what do you recommend to start with?. I never done any videos, I have no clue how to even start one. Thank you.

  7. Hi Sean! Great video! I loved it! What would be your best advice for drone cameras? I was thinking in the GoPro, but also on the Campark ACT74 and yi 4k action camera, do you know if they can adapt to drones? I'm looking to get a good deal and of course a good quality for recording videos from the air. Any advices? I'm open to other options as well! Thanks!

  8. I’ve been wanting to start off my channel properly for a very long time but my room is just really bad and ugly and there isn’t enough room to make proper videos. But my room is getting a full makeover starting today and should be done in about 2 weeks. Which I’m super happy about. Now I’m just looking for the right equipment. A proper camera (not just my iPhone camera) I haven’t watched this video her but hopefully it will have the perfect camera!

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