HOW A great deal Hire DO YOU Pay back IN LONDON?

HOUSECRASH a new documentary coming quickly wanting at the housing crisis in London. Made by film maker Nadira Amrani @nadiraamrani

How a lot rent do you spend per week in London?

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49 thoughts on “HOW A great deal Hire DO YOU Pay back IN LONDON?

  1. London is a great city for sure but it’s definitely a city just to experience for a short amount of time and then move elsewhere. I have lived in London for 11 years and now I’ve moved back to Switzerland, rent is just too expensive for what you get, usually a small room in a run down flat or house, not worth the hustle. Jobs pay way too little and life in general it’s just expensive. If you want to move to London and be able to have a social life you need to have a well paid job otherwise you’re done, just living pay-check to pay-check and barely affording life
    NOT WORTH IT!! Even tho I miss the fast life in London i prefer to visit from time to time and be able to afford all of the nice things that London has to offer instead of living there and not being able to afford any of it.

  2. It is absolutely disgusting this " Mob" but what the government does? I was asked 179 pounds PW!! For a dirty old room in second zone, described as" lovely cozy house", the truth was 7 lybian " not so let me say , friendly, or open to Modern civilization culture,and three Albanians. In Norway in Bergen for the same price I get , definitely a decent flat. No way, too much business, Run by Indians. Is a shame.

  3. This is fucking depressing no wonder why cockneys are losing their identity. Over priced shitholes and flood of mass immigration. London is just a richmans playground. Complete fucking shithole. These prices to rent places is absolute criminal. It's not just London it's all over the place in the uk essex Hertfordshire Kent etc

  4. London is not a good place work and live, it is now somewhere to avoid. People only 'defend' London because they have not had the experience and money to explore and live in other cities – both in the UK and the world. Equally its unlikely they have had the money to purchase a house of their own (no matter where it is located) and understand the options and benefits it can give them. The reality is that the cost of living somewhere (relative to wages) is a major factor in whether the place is 'good' or 'bad'. If you lived in Mayfair – but literally in the gutter because that was the best you could get – then how on earth is that good? An extreme example, maybe, but I'm sure you understand what I mean. The reality also is that for the majority of people on 'normal wages' London ensures they gain little to no net worth – whilst making landlords rich. When you are young, there is a natural belief that things 'will get better' – but after several years, the realization sets in that it won't.

  5. Almost everyone interviewed was in a shared house or flat. Where I live in East London it is very hard to find a one bedroom flat for any less than £1,200 per month (£300 per week), and in areas closer to central London it is considerably more expensive.
    Having said that, if you don't mind living in a smaller space or a little further out, you can get bargains. We live in a studio flat for £880 per month, it is fairly small but is in a brilliant area and has great transport links. It is an ex-local authority (government social housing) flat, but in London that means nothing, the tenants in these flats in East London tend to be young professionals and they tend to be built solid with few problems compared to new builds, if you were thinking of moving here I'd recommend an ex-local authority flat, particularly if you are on a budget, but the rent isn't always that much cheaper sadly, it only really makes a difference if you're buying it.

  6. In Singapore, one citizen can only buy one apartment. If he marries a girl, both can only own one. No foreigners are allowed to buy one. A simple law can change UK a better place. In SG, more than 90% of citizens own the house and it used to be a poor fishing village when Britain was world's power house. Politicians can make or break a country.

  7. Depending upon areas I think it is possible to live in London but still expensive than other cities

    I used to pay £1500 per month in HAMPSTEAD for 1 bed flat but now moved to Colindale and paying £950 per month for 1 bed flat

  8. This from my understanding of US to U.K. currency, that's about 400-600$ a month which is pretty much the same for most apartments where I'm from. Still a stupid amount especially if you're trying to make a living and start a career or raise kids.

  9. I use to live in London Newham in a one bed room flat it was a shit hole the land lord was useless it cost me £230 a week by the end I was made homeless for a year I could not afford the rent even with benefits helping I moved to Scotland I pay £100 a week for a two bedroom house I can not stand London any more I hope the hole place goes up in flames

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  11. …we used to live in a tiny little tumble-down house in zone 5! Fifteen to a room, at £300 per week. We were left with £3.00 to last us the month! Just enough, when we pooled our resources, for 100 cans of super strength cider. Oh, but we were happier then, even though we were poor.

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