How To Bake Great Desserts

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46 thoughts on “How To Bake Great Desserts

  1. I bake once, twice, maybe even 3 times a week and Im a damn pro !! But whenever I make cookies (I haven't tried buzzfeeds) they are so soft and chewy but turn into rocks that you could build a house of . What am I doing wrong !!!!! And how do I keep them from turning hard and my bakes soft

  2. As for icing sugar, depending on your cake you may want to use lemon juice instead of cream or water. For example, the lemon juice with icing sugar is great for lemon poppyseed, and many more.

  3. Ummmm… WOW! so simple, thank you for the great ideas. Keep them coming!
    "VOILA" LOL. Loved that part. Totally out of character. Plus the sexy background saxophone. Lol. 👏🥂🎷

  4. I knew a lot of these. My mom and my late grandma used to bake a ton, especially before I was born, and since we didn't have much money to buy cakes for birthdays and other events we made our own. I made 3 creme caramel for my birthday party on my own when I was 11/10 based on my grandma's recipe. I got 3 burns while making it but it was a good lesson and well worth it. It's also amazing to see how the baking world has developed. I was taught old-fashioned methods of baking – from back when machines and nifty baking tools weren't available and you had to take whatever you had in the kitchen and use your bare hands. Where instead of a spatula we had an ordinary knife or a "lilleman" as we call it. I am eternally grateful for the fact I was taught to bake and cook when I was so young so I can now, when I'm 19.5, both modernise old recipes and keep traditions alive.

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