Thrifting Video clip ideas, Wigs, will we at any time display our closets |#ThriftersAnonymous

Go away Questions Down below! Watch us TONIGHT nine:30pm pst A&E for an ALL NEW Storage WARS WE convey YOU guys to VEGAS!! Distinctive episode don’t skip it!! If you don’t have A&E you can get the episodes…


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11 thoughts on “Thrifting Video clip ideas, Wigs, will we at any time display our closets |#ThriftersAnonymous

  1. I saw this was 47 minutes long and I was soooooo happy! Lol. I’ll be watching for sure tonight when your show is on. I’ve been on A&E Facebook page so many times and I stick up for you and tell them how much I love you both. I only watch it because of you two. You two are sooo much fun and I love you both!! Stay true!!

  2. ha ha ha ha girl she said for all you hoodrats out there, girrrrrl Edwina you are too funny, but I got it girl. I so love you two, I watched your thrifting video the other day and it had me cracking up. It was so funny I watched it twice. Oscar was tripping, he wasn't feeling either one of you, but he was out front like it was his show. ha ha ha ha not the Herpes conversation, you two ha ha ha I am rolling over here

  3. Hey ladies! I put this same comment on your last vid, but I'm not sure if you'll see it… Can ya'll do a vid on what footwear to wear with what types of outfits? I sometimes wonder if I am wearing the best shoes/boots/sandals/heels with my clothes. Also, can you show ways to "elevate" different outfits, in case we don't have enough rich bitch clothes but want to look like we do? Thanks!! <3

  4. It's Pisces season darling! (effective Feb. 19th) Love you two. I'm so happy for your plans for your and our futures. Their needs to be more woman like you two, woman supportive of woman.
    stay well. Peace, Jxx

  5. Just wanted you guys to know you pulled me threw a dang kidney stone that I ended up in the dang hospital with! I’m much better but I binged watched y’all and it kept me SANE! Love y’all and keep it up! Y’all rock!

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