1 Reason Houses Price So Considerably

Extremely high property charges aren’t an act of God or a simple fact of character. They’re the result of all sorts of plan and design and style faults – which we ought to test to recognize and right. Please subscribe right here: http://tinyurl.com/o28mut7
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29 thoughts on “1 Reason Houses Price So Considerably

  1. the reason house prices and rents are so high is cos the Goverment is allowing 620,000 properties to stay empty which perpetuates the myth of a housing shortage thereby creating artificially high house prices, which keeps us in a Landlords market. its as simple as the more there is of something the cheaper it is. But both the Tories and Labour wont change this situation by housing the homeless in these empty properties cos they are too afraid of the middle and lower upper class `loosing` their property values.

  2. this video shows such a single-minded viewpoint in a very complex and longstanding problem. to say the sole issue at hand is "ugliness" is quite a misstep, all things considered. if the problem was this simple, it could have been much more easily addressed a long time ago.

  3. What existing householders object to is increased traffic, increased demand for static services and increased impact on their local environment. Nothing will cure this except population control and decrease of population which will be politically impossible to achieve. The world population in the 1950's was about 2 billion now it is 7.5 billion. Wages have not gone up to match house prices hence you have the increasing difficulty ordinary workers have in getting a house.

  4. Yeah I think the problem in the USA varies by area, land isn't an issue here. I know in Florida it's a combination of constantly destroying what little natural land is left, and not cleaning up the abandoned areas. If we cleaned up and used the abandoned buildings and land first before we bulldozed over a swamp, people wouldn't mind.

    We also have an issue of building out and not up – in another few decades Florida will just be one giant suburb if they don't start building up and saving some land in-between the houses, even if it is just pasture or parks.

  5. This upload is a total joke. People who have and own houses know that they control the supply. And there's a huge demand. Restricting supply increases demand. Simple math.
    Propose a housing project full of "beautiful" houses. See how far that gets you. The people who own houses will scream and bitch just as much. Maybe even more. The beautiful houses will devalue their existing ugly ones.
    Infuriatingly moronic. Like more housing developments would be accepted if they were pretty. Aesthetics will prevail over the brutal realities of supply and demand capitalism. What a waste of graphics.

  6. Instead what you have for a real solution is the tiny house movement, or minimalism, downsizing and nomadic lifestyles that many of us are beginning to adopt after realizing the unnecessary excess we live in and that we are overrunning the beautiful planet that you’re proposing we should continue to overtake? 🤦🏼‍♀️ this is not what humanity needs, more big, pretty boxes. We do need shelter and security but we could all very well scale it back a bit. Quite a bit.

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