EPMD- I am Housing

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44 thoughts on “EPMD- I am Housing

  1. The BEST Rap Group Ever!

    "The posse kept going, it was Hard to GET with them, so I Stepped-back and Started Spraying Niggas!" WHEW!

    Eminem's NUT-TRAIN can't HANG with THIS!?

  2. Great track – I used to play this when dj'n in the back room many years ago(early 90's house club in Henley south England), it was not a hip hop club in any way shape or form, but i just had to play it….. why !!!??

    because i'm housin

  3. You can't compare the songs, they are completely different genres of music, regardless of the fact it's the sane song. You can either say you prefer a version of the song because you like hip hop or you like metal. They are completely different..

  4. I respectfully disagree. Disturbed did little to make those songs their own. Save the sha sha. Why does he say "sha sha" after every lyric feild? In that way he is more like Phil Collins…making up words. stu stu scoobio

  5. I came to this listening to the Rage version. There isn't really a way to compare the two. EPMD made a very old school (probably current for them) hip-hop version, wheras Rage's puts more metal into the hip-hop, and make it their own. How do you know a cover is good? When a band can take a song and make it their own with their style. Examples: Land of Confusion and Shout 2000 by Disturbed. (Land Of Confusion original: Phil Collins; Shout orignal: Duran Duran)

  6. I find that a lot of black metal artists (and their fans) are the most elitist pricks out there. I made a comment alluding to that on some metal documentary on YouTube, and this dude tried to dismiss my opinion because my YT handle is "fanofbodom". Apparently, since I enjoy Children of Bodom's music, I can't understand what black metal is about.

  7. To even argue about which is better or say one or the other sucks is offensive to me. The entire album Renegades (the RATM album with the cover) is made up of songs from bands that RATM says influenced them. They had a great deal of respect for EPMD, and to smacktalk either song is to disrespect that relationship.

  8. I assume you refer to the down votes for the song. You are a moron how is not liking a song racist. People need to stop throwing that word around so casually.

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