ESO all Typical Properties+Costs! (Medium residences) PTS

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8 thoughts on “ESO all Typical Properties+Costs! (Medium residences) PTS

  1. hm, copy/paste versions of in game assets. These homes make me feel like my "home" is either the bank, or an Inn, or any of the in-game assets that already exist. Might as well just RP my home as the Bank building without shelling out a single gold coin. Would have liked the homes to actually be unique designs, rather than copy/paste game assets. That's just shortcuts. That's not "NEW CONTENT". That's just copies of existing ingame buildings with the clutter removed/rearranged.

  2. I'm not sure if I missed the prices because you went so fast through them that I didnt get to see it. I didn't see the prices clearly so I just stopped watching. *I did go back and rewatch. Slow down. You mentioned the price for 1 second. If the tag says homes and prices, people probably want to see the prices.* I liked your style, just too fast on some of the important things.

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