Insert New music & Movie Information to Your iPad or Apple iphone Without iTunes [How-To]

How to Obtain/Conserve Videos & New music on Your Apple iphone Entire Tutorial: music-immediately-onto-your-iphone-0158207/ Subscribe to Gadget Hacks:…


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23 thoughts on “Insert New music & Movie Information to Your iPad or Apple iphone Without iTunes [How-To]

  1. Why is Itunes such a worthless PoS? Who thought that would be a good design to only let the phone etc sync with 1 computer? Its the dumbest most broken thing they coulda done. People dont use 1 damn computer for life. You can get a mp3 player for less than a 1/4 the cost of an apple one (or iphone) that you can put whatever songs on it from ANY computer on the planet that has music files on it. No bs, no special programs, drag n drop.

  2. October 2017 and I'm getting a blank when I search for Infuse in the App Store. Infuse 3. No results. ??? Did they nix this workaround? Wtf can't I just put my videos on the iPhone?!

  3. Hey Thanks great way to get around iTunes. Your tutorial really helped me out everything worked as shown added a episode of the "it crowd" and it worked it played. Thanks again hey I liked and subscribed Please check me out ("

  4. Very nice the video, have a website that I like called TunesGo add/ transfer PC or external drive videos/ music/ playlists or other files to your IOS device(like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) easily, Or in reverse.
    TunesGo supports following mode:
    iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android ← → PC/Mac
    you can import pc or external file to tunesgo and export file to IOS devices from tunesgo.

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