True Estate NYC : 113 Willow St., Brooklyn

In this episode, Katherine joins Alex Maroni of Douglas Elliman for a tour of a exclusive 1820s dwelling at 113 Willow Avenue in Brooklyn.

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27 thoughts on “True Estate NYC : 113 Willow St., Brooklyn

  1. The Character of The House Has Been Tampered With. Looks Too Modern. No Privacy in The Backyard. On a Positive Note I Do Like The Structure and Design of The Property Lots of Space.

  2. Katherine and Alex, Brooklyn
    THE TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE "MUSIC"! I can barely hear the real estate agent. Tell the young lady to work on not swallowing the ends of words and sentences.
    Not a very polished or professional presentation for this level of real estate, especially in New York City.

  3. Wonderful the neighbor is still standing. Beautiful job. Mixing the old with the new is really the only way to save historic neighborhoods. Old plumbing and wiring can be a health and fire hazard, so to bring these old houses into the future they have to be gutted and renovated. Home buyers of today have too much electronics, and the wiring needs to be updated. It reminds me of a house in New Orleans. Love it. Hope a nice big family moves in and makes it there permanent home.

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