Amazing $28 Million 24,400 SQ. FT. 10 Bedroom 19 Bathroom House on 350 Acres in Colorado United states of america

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Audio applied: Fight of Kings by For each Kiilstofte under Imaginative Commons Attribution four. Worldwide (

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39 thoughts on “Amazing $28 Million 24,400 SQ. FT. 10 Bedroom 19 Bathroom House on 350 Acres in Colorado United states of america

  1. I often wonder why people sell homes like these? Can they no longer afford it? Or do they want something new [er]? Do they just want to relocate? There's not many people who can afford homes in this price range.

  2. The ranch next door is for sale at 39.8 million for 6900 acres, then Rose city {Gould Ranch} is for sale for 13.7 million with 3500 acres, then Michelle Phifers ranch is for sale for 5.2 million with 178 acres soo if you have 87.2 million dollars you can have all of them, one contiguous parcel with 5 HOA payments of 34,000 a year each…High plains has 2 HOA payments. Much better in person.. have seen all of them.

  3. What's with this fucking Vikings music on the video? It's this type of music, scary Catholic/Damien The Omen trilogy music or some groggy, slow piano interlude that sounds sad as if the previous owners of the place died during the filming of the video.People hate rap music, but, when showing luxury estates, a rap song with all of its braggadocious lyrics of wealth, would fit nicely on these videos.

  4. Very beautiful but the home and yard, and pool are too close to the wooded area! You get a lot of varmints coming into your house when you put the home that close, it should have been in a clearing with the tree line or wooded area around it.You will have every spider, field mouse, garden snakes and bugs in the house! Oh yes, they find their way in, because to them they don't know the difference between your house or their woods!

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