1 of America’s Most Haunted Victorian Mansions is for Sale

Ever preferred to are living in a creepy Haunted Mansion? its now for Sale!

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16 thoughts on “1 of America’s Most Haunted Victorian Mansions is for Sale

  1. If I had the money I would buy this house in a heartbeat! I adore Victorian architecture, as far as the ghosts? To be honest it really wouldn’t bother me that much, I grew up in a haunted house, seriously, you get used to it, you just have to lay down some ground rules. Believe it or not, most times if you ask the spirits in your home to behave themselves and not scare the daylights out of you, unless their daemonic, still generally listen to you. The ghost in the house right grew up with occasionally act up, so I would just yell out loud when no one else was home “ would you please stop missed behaving, this is our house now, and you’re welcome to stay as a guest, but please stop trying to scare us and stop moving everything around”. Of course that’s not exactly what I said, but that’s the general message, as long as you’re polite, so are they. honestly it’s no big deal, after all, what is a ghost but a human being with no body. If they were assholes in life they’re probably going to be assholes in the afternoon, but if they were just normal people, then you’re not going to act crazy just because they’re dead, most ghosts don’t even realize that they’re dead, to them they’re quite alive and we are the intruders. The first thing you have to do is explain to them the situation, that they’re the ones who are deceased, and that their loved ones are waiting for them on the other side. Sometimes still choose to go and sometimes not, If they choose to stay with you, just tell them that they’re welcome to stay provided they don’t cause any problems, and let them know that you’re serious about it, by telling them that you will call in paranormal investigators and eliminators. Trust me, they will hear you, and they’ll either throw a hissy fit, in which case you have to call the investigators, or, will do exactly as you asked and there won’t be a problem. The ghost in the house I grew up in was that have a 12-year-old girl who had died on the property before the house was built, I looked it up at City Hall records, she was never really a problem, she would just make the occasional noise, or once in a while tap me on the shoulder just let me know she’s there, and I’d say hello how are you?, And that’s about it. It all boils down to respect, as I said they are just people, not some sort of magical creature that these stupid ghost hunting shows would have you believe, so just talk to them like you would a normal person, most times you don’t hear any responses, but you can tell from the atmosphere in the room if the spirit is calm or restless. If anything my heart went out to this girl in my house, because I know she was lonely, and I was happy that I was able to keep her company when I was home, it was kind of nice never having to be alone. I was classified as a gifted child, and I skipped three grades, so socially I had very few friends, as strange as it may sound, the ghost girl, her name is Rose Marie, was one of my best friends, and she respected my privacy. You could always tell when she was near could you could sense it, you know how you get that little tingle, or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? When I sensed that she entered the room I would say hello, I just keep doing what I was doing. I knew she was there, and it was actually comforting, because I grew up with so few friends it was nice to have the company. When I left for college, I asked you to come with me but she couldn’t I guess, because my parents said she was still there after I left. Shortly after I left for college my parents sold the house because it was a five bedroom home and there was only the two of them left, I guess it was too much for them to take care of, I just wish I knew what happened to Rosemarie, I pray the new owners were as compassionate as I was, even better, I pray that she was able to go onto the other side and be with her family where she belonged. And no I’m not crazy, this really did happen, I was a sceptic myself until I moved into the House. When we first moved in I sensed something was not quite right, I walk in the room and get a chill, or I feel like there was somebody staring at me, so I went to the library and get as much research about it as I could, because this was in the 80s, and there was no Internet back then. My message to everybody?, The world of the paranormal is quite real, but nothing to be afraid of, we’re only afraid because Hollywood has brainwashed us all into thinking that every single spirit is out to kill us or processes us, and that is simply not the case, only about 1% of all hauntings or of the daemonic nature, and for me that would be the only time I would intercede with a paranormal investigator, they were there before I was, so what right do I have To kick them out of their own house? While we legally may own the house, spiritually, Rosemarie truly owns the home, we were just the tenants there, but my family and I got along great with her, even my friends miss her, that’s back in high school word spread pretty quick after I told one person about her. Before I knew it half the school want to come over to my house. I told him this is not a circus, if you’re going there just to gawk then you’re not coming!, about 15 friends got to know her, and were actually able to see her, a few of them just couldn’t handle it and run away in fear, even though she didn’t do anything to scare them away, except move my car keys about 2 inches along the table, big deal!?, I guess it’s the subconscious fear for some people, but if I could, I die house like the one in this video in a heartbeat, and make a conscious effort to get to know the spirits there, and try to help them if I can. Dead or alive, all people need help from time to time, and I’m more than willing to do so. I know it’s not for everybody, it just kind a happen for me when my parents got this house, and they got it really cheap, we found out later that that’s why we got it so cheap, the previous owners were absolutely terrified simply because Rose Marie would actually say hello, seriously? I don’t understand people sometimes, the only time I will be scared as if it was threatening, you can always tell when the spirit or a presence is evil or malevolent, by the sense you get from walking into the house. I have entered homes that were being haunted by a very malevolent entity, and one home in particular had an inhuman haunting aka, a demon being that has never walked the earth in human form. In cases like that it’s either sell the home or call a demonologist, Because your life could be in danger, but that is so rare. Anyways, as usual I’ve said way too much, if you have any questions feel free to comment, I do have certain abilities apparently, I don’t like mentioning it usually, because everyone thinks I’m crazy, I have two PhD’s, so even if I am crazy at least I’m smart! LOL!

  2. You have shown the viewers two DIFFERENT Second Empire Homes. The Pierce house, pictured repeatedly throughout your presentation is NOT the same house in your opening and closing frames. Confusing; I'd rather purchase your opening and closing house, and not the Pierce house. By the way, where is the second house located—not the Pierce House in New England—the opening/closing home?

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