Abandoned MILLIONAIRES Relatives Mansion

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37 thoughts on “Abandoned MILLIONAIRES Relatives Mansion

  1. That house had someone living in it fairly recently. There were many updated items. Like the kitchen sink faucets and stove. Even the refrigerator was newer.

  2. Hi guys I belive that this amazing abandoned building is in the UK an area where I live 1 hour away I think the location to this wonderful place, is in Wakefield MA 13 Albion street in South Yorkshire Doncaster if I'm correct and if it is I am surely going and when I explore I will be safe and explore properly, and can't wait to go

  3. Would it be illegal to take over this house? I mean I wouldn't want to live in a house as big as this but it could be be used as a big shelter (?) for homeless people and what not

  4. That Panasonic laptop is from 1988, and the "Doom" game is from Dec 1993. My guess is that the time froze around 1994-1995 for that house.

    EDIT: According to another comment, this house was abandoned in 2010 (weird).

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