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William Henry Cosby Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor musician and creator. Bill Cosby commence in stand-up comedy began at the hungry i in San Francisco.

Bill Cosby Comedy job
Medium Stand-up comedy movie television
Genres Observational comedy satire surreal humor

Bill Cosby remaining significant faculty with out earning his diploma and joined the U.S. Navy in 1956. Whilst enlisted he handed a significant-faculty equivalency test, and soon after his discharge he received an athletic scholarship to Temple College in Philadelphia in 1961. Through his sophomore 12 months he remaining Temple to entertain at the Gaslight Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York Town, where by Bill Cosby began to build a trademark comedic type characterized by a pleasant and available stage persona and a relaxed, diligently timed shipping and delivery.

Particular lifetime
Bill Cosby married Camille Olivia Hanks on January twenty five, 1964 Jointly they had 5 children

Major stories

‘That Was Bill Cosby 101’: Actor’s Profane Outburst Right after

Bill Cosby ‘feeling great’ soon after verdict,

The very long, winding route to Bill Cosby’s


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33 thoughts on “Bill Cosby – Way of life | Internet worth | autos | homes | lady | Household | Biography | Facts

  1. What Idiot would give up all that …..he does not deserve the family he had not has !He makes all other black men look bad ……… Well the few that want to act right !

  2. We all know that Bill Cosby messed up with one thing!! He tried to buy NBC or what ever TV network that was on a market because he perfectly qualified!!! That's when they took him down coz the truth is No Black Man Will ever own shit! No matter how much money he has. He even wrote to one of his statements when he was beefing with Trump and said…. I'm sorry! I didn't know!

  3. I don’t want to believe Mr. Cosby is guilty. This man whose stage act was clean, his show was clean and gave a good example of how all families should live not just black families. The Jello man and have a coke and a smile. It seemed all he wanted to do was set a good example everywhere he turned. It just doesn’t seem like this could possibly be the same man. If he did it, he should be punished. I just don’t want to believe this man who so many have looked up to could have lived a double life that was so polar opposite of the image he created. I’m so disappointed.

  4. What can we gain to jail a helpless soul at 80 years of age for something that so many men has done all of their lives to women and continue to do it and walking free. May be there is some other way he can pay although nothing can illiminate those scares.

  5. I am not saying  Bill Cosby committed any Crimes but it's a fact some men have failed to control their Lusts for Sex and have Gotten into very serious trouble and gotten arrested for touching Women when they should not have, following when Women relentlessly,saying highly Sexually aggressive things to Women and Worst of all raping Women.some say Bill Cosby is a man who failed to control his Sexual Lusts and really did rape Women. if this is true then I think he has a Psychological Problem & throwing him in jail wont help him only treatment in a mental institution can help him. he has to locked away in an Mental institution till his Spirit, soul & mind are healed & he is deemed safe to return to Society

  6. That's what they get for tryna seduce a married man! They knew he was married….yet, they were alone with him, drinking cocktails, etc…..tryna steal some of his shine and money….tryna get chosen!

  7. The devil comes in different form, colors,shape and size and to think I grew up odolizing this man and thinking how evil the white man is when he tried to buy channel 3 and they wouldn't allow him SMH just imagine if he did how much more power he would of have that's how many more victims there would have been

  8. WOW! He's lost it ALL!!!! Shame…Sad, all of his success and accomplishments
    Lost his Son, Daughter & his Legacy of being America's Favorite Dad..
    Now known as an Sex Offender

  9. Nobody pays out all that hush money without a reason. Bill is a real freak! Cosby and O.J. lost all the admiration and respect that they had accumulated over the years. Now they are despised by all and are seen as 2 elderly, pathetic losers!

  10. I loved Bill Cosby and his show was great. Sadly, he is now 80 years old, possbily going to prison, and he has buried two of his children. His only son was murdered in LA. I wish he had made diffent choices in life, his entire career has been tarnished by his actions. The only word that can describe this entire ordeal is SAD.

  11. that whole court system should be in jail for lying even a judge need to be in jail people like that don't deserve to live lying on the 80 year old man three people so grieve over money government that's all they do steel steel stealy stealing stealing stealing that's the government for you I pray for Bill Cosby

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