Newark Ohio Fireplace Division operating property hearth with audio

Newark Fireplace Division was dispatched to a report of property hearth on April 20th, 2018 at 0613 several hours. NFD responded with two engines, two ladders, two medics and a main officer for a overall toughness of 17 hearth personnel. Heath Fireplace Division furnished mutual-support, responding with two engines.

The property on hearth was a one-story one,000 sq. ft. household that was located at the rear of a further property. The property was occupied when the hearth started off. The one occupant self evacuated prior to arrival of hearth units. Suppression initiatives in which somewhat hampered mainly because of power traces down that experienced fallen down on the entrance (A-Aspect) and rear (C-Aspect) of the burning framework and challenges with the hydrant.

NFD stretched a property lay and initiated attack with a one three/four” attack line. A 2nd one three/four” attack line was attached to the property lay to guide with suppression. There were being no injuries noted.

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50 thoughts on “Newark Ohio Fireplace Division operating property hearth with audio

  1. Once again Newark fire department did an excellent job. Everyone was calm and did there assignments and got the job done quickly. More departments need to use these videos for training on how to do the job right.

  2. I have watched a lot of this type of video, and I must say that the Newark Fire Dept is the BEST I have ever seen. No other fire dept has been able to #1. get water on the fire as quickly ( most take 3-5 min after arrival ) #2. suppress the fire as quickly. Amazing job! I hope that other departments can learn from yours. Great job!

  3. Damn that sucks, that's a well involved fire. Good job on you and the guys for making a quick knockdown! Teamwork!
    It's neat to see around 3:15 how the fire in the rear (or front?) room progresses from thick smoke to a faint orange glow, to flashover.
    120/240V power wires short out at 6:45

  4. Finally, as an old chief I can say well done! Hope many others watch this and learn something. No wasted motion, correct lines pulled, hose lay well thought out, troops understood the over all operation and supported the functions needed. Looked more a Detroit operation that the FDNY.

  5. Some of the BEST structure fire videos on U Tube by far !!! Instead of Live PD , I would l ok ve Live with Chief Decker and Newark Oh FD ? What do you say Chief ?Awesome job Gob bless you and your firefighters sir !

  6. I must say, I have read the other comments and am damn impressed with the way this job was handled, all the way around. I am a retired volunteer from a small N.J. town and it's a shame there isn't more people like you around these days. Our current department is scary pathetic. I hope to God that my property does not burn because I have zero confidence in them. I have watched them at several recent jobs and am sorry to say that they all need re-training.

  7. Nice job Sir. I really enjoy these uploads. I am an Asst Chief in my hometown department and have held ranks of Lieutenant and Captain for several years. I look at the videos as an educational  resource and you truly are great at what you do.

  8. When Decker retires, I'd like if he'd narrate a fire commentary show. Each week a couple fire scenes, with Decker and another chief giving their points of view, along with two fire buffs to add their perspective. It would be informative for fire personnel as well as enthusiasts, and help to deal with myths and misunderstandings. Just a thought…

  9. Everything was good except the fact that they ran two hand lines without a water source. I heard them say they are almost out of water. Only run two or more hand lines when you have a sufficient water source. Other than that good job.

  10. The IC sets the tone and does a great job of staying calm. This really affects the overall atmosphere. If he is not calm then everything goes down hill. I certainly commend the IC for giving great information and using his vehicle to observe the surroundings. He certainly has no abilities to attack the fire. He does exactly what he should do and that is give out information.

  11. Glad to hear everybody is ok. You are one heck of a Chief. For some reason the house fires you fight seem to get under control faster then all the others I have seen, and I have seen hundreds here on YouTube. You always seem to know where to put the guys to fight the fire the right way and get it done fast and safe. This might seem strange, but it is a great pleasure to watch you and your guys fight these fires. I do feel bad for the occupants but am happy it is you guys trying to save them and there place.

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