5 Heartwarming Mother’s Working day Suggestions

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35 thoughts on “5 Heartwarming Mother’s Working day Suggestions

  1. I'm watching this, then I think, "My mom is going to pass away ;'C" and she is in her, 40's, i'm 10. I KEEP ON THINKING THAT IDK WHYYY cries

  2. I'm trying to do the card bouquet one but whenever I cut the paper to make the shape of the flower I unfold it and I accidentally cut it into 2 pieces. What an I doing wrong, I've literally tried it over and over again at least 10 times.

  3. 3:45 Mom walked into the room she saw me doing this.
    Me:Mom it is not what it looks like…

    Mom:O really? So you just hate your father's and I relationship?Oh i see

    (*Mom stormed out off the room*)

    Well done buzzfeed!

  4. I've commented on a couple of Nifty videos re: candle making. As a chandler, I have a couple of tips for people wanting to make the tea-cup candles:
    1) Do not melt wax in glass containers on direct heat. Please, place water in a pan, and then place the candles in them. It creates a bit of a water bath, dispersing the heat and preventing the candle jar bottom from breaking and from over-heating the wax (unless you like wax fires, and the fire department).
    2) Before pouring, let the wax cool to 150-160 degrees F. When pouring the wax into the cup, be sure to pour slowly, and to save some for a second pour. As the candle solidifies and cools, it is normal for the wax to sink around the wick. Poke small holes around the wick to release air bubbles that might have formed, and pour the remaining wax.

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