How to do Filter on Youtube Films

How to filter YouTube films is discussed in this movie. Why you will have to have filtering? If you want to take out graphical films which you you should not want to see …


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9 thoughts on “How to do Filter on Youtube Films

  1. What exactly does that block and how can I add or delete from the block list?
    I'm sick of 99% of the recommended videos being pure bullshit that I'll never be interested in.

    I click the three little dots and then 'not interested' then 'not interested in this channel' for the same fucking shit channels over and over and over every fucking day.

    I'm so fed up with this bullshit. I don't give a fuck about videos in russian, I don't like xbox or ps4 or any fucking shit lets plays, I don't like Casey Nosestat, Jimmy Kimmel, nor TYT.

    I didn't like the shit yesterday, I didn't like it the day before, I sure as shit don't like it now and I fucking never will…. but no matter how many times I tell youtube I'm not fucking interested in this channel or that channel it makes literally no difference.

    I can tell it I'm not interested in a fucking video and I shit you not 15 minutes later it will recommend that exact video TWICE on the same page.


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