Los Angeles Authentic Estate Reality Look at: What will $1.six million purchase?

It’s our last class for getting what our revenue can purchase in Southern California. At $1.six million, we’re possibly speaking a two man or woman, specialist home.

And they are not to start with time consumers. A home finance loan in this class can hover all-around $six,000. But it’s an attainable value place if you purchase and market wisely and, of class, time the market ideal! Believe You’re headed there? Here’s what we located. http://www.foxla.com/news/regional-news/138485997-story


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31 thoughts on “Los Angeles Authentic Estate Reality Look at: What will $1.six million purchase?

  1. So, these are what you can get for $1,600,000 in California? Very underwhelming! In most areas of the country, you can buy a nice estate home for $1,600,000, but in California, it may only get you a cookie cutter tract home! Much of California is almost as expensive as New York City!

  2. I dnt care if I was rich as fuck, I would by a fucking house no where in california. Can u say fucking rip off. U go to another other state u'll get more for ur money

  3. Question: If I make $100,000 a year would I be able to afford a 15 million dollar home? What if I have money saved up and in my hand. What other expenses should I consider? Would my salary be enough to cover all those extra expenses?

  4. I've always hated LA. I'd live anywhere else in the US, but there.
    You have poor/average gang people like Mexicans and Blacks…and the fake, superficial
    rich people who work in the entertainment industry.

  5. The place with the fuckin gym inside of it sold me. The huge ass patio(s) and pool were just the bonuses lol. Nothing else was worth 1.6M

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