Nigeria Sex, Lies and Black Magic

Human traffickers are using black magic to coerce and trap Nigerian women into a life of prostitution in Europe; women are made to swear an oath of loyalty and …


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2 thoughts on “Nigeria Sex, Lies and Black Magic

  1. this is really big crime and marder to force those beutifull ladies to make them sex workers in order to take millions of money for thier benefits.with out thier dutyand wish .let as aviod those kind of jobs.those ladies are it is thier school time so onbcz of poverty.why it happens so i realy apricuat the sister teaching the kids it is tabuand illegal job bu using anathers name using thier nanes doing your bussness which is never seen before when you try to speak about your right they came to kill you abd they try to panish you..this is what they do they dont give you job..freedom.there is one women following ladieswith her kidsand she sayes she actes on you with out your permission.if you say her no she shuts to kill you with her magic stuffes.and her son shutes i wont to sucklater they say we wont to kill them.welde.letenigus her son gebrial.":this person particullary he has same magicremedies"that makes ladies follin love with him.they say you we will put them knife.we as thier nieborswe are olwayes listing them what they do.they nocksameremedy at midnight.they follow you soon.thisiswhat they do .this is real story.thenthey follow her were she us working.and they make propoganda againist her.with thier mom.she dont have connection with day we were listing her she sayed her iwont to kill you.this women with her kids really she is osis.bcz she is disterbing our zonestanding agianist human rights dreaming to make ladies sex workers.thruo her magic activities.soon.why she is alwates following Her.why sheis not doingher oun tuesd_24_2018.she came in the. camany she is working.and she did like before she was doing..i wacht her and iwas working with her she dont speak she is usuol she only smiles.wgen she startes the job he trys to shut agianist her.she:"sayedz"why he is disterbing us our peace"why hecame her.his dreamis toseparat marred moms from thier husbands.he acts in between like your advicer with out your permission.he is not certified even he dont have id.we dont have he is lifing in tjis city.and shouting like. prisond dog. bcz of him she faced many problemsin 2017.still onnoyng she is job less at this moment.we dont have ideawhat will be her futerity.bcz of this stupit person.standing agianist humman right by spoiling your namesusing your name for his selfishness.we say him no way .but he didnot listing us.we need your help and advice.wgen we right this stile scaring of them evil mom withher kids.thanks for your participation

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