Chiang Mai 1 Day trip with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

I had a trip to Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, to see a unique village and craft center in a 1 day trip. I always shot in hand held as usual, no tripod or any …


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23 thoughts on “Chiang Mai 1 Day trip with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

  1. Superb image quality, however, no filmic like … looks more video then film to me. BMPCC was more like film. I think if you shoot in HD 1080p not 4K you should get the film look. Red cameras don't have the film look as well… I have seen some footages from red and got surprised about its video look.

  2. Lovely Video – I see you indicate you used a Metabones Speedbooster 0.71X. Were you able to use the "Autofocus" button on the BMPCC 4K to adjust the focus point of the lens? I have a BMPCC4K and the same Sigma Lens – BUT while the camera will pass-through the camera/lens iris control – the "Autofocus" control from the camera to the lens is non-functional ! Did you use manual focus when filming the video ?

  3. To be a cinema camera its too crisp too clean, a cinema camera should have a dreamy look. Anyways its great, Its just that I'm trying to see that film look, and all these digital cameras don't have.

  4. A beautiful film full of Thai culture!!! love it and each of the previous bmpcc 4k videos. Can I take the liberty to ask you a few questions? Which card or ssd do you use? Any suggestions or recommendations? And how many GB raw footage did you shoot totally for this film? I guess this is a huge project. ^_^

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