Break Black Magic Spell,Curses and Hexes with Powerful Hanumath Kavacham

Break Black Magic Spell particularly curses and hexes with Powerful Hanumath Kavacham. E-Book with Lyrics in English, Sanskrit and other Indian languages …


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22 thoughts on “Break Black Magic Spell,Curses and Hexes with Powerful Hanumath Kavacham

  1. Hi everyone! This mantra works and it is excellent. I have been suffering since I was 9 years old and doctors should not get what was going on with me. I bumped into this through doctorvirtual7 on you tube who recommends this. People do not know that some certain words have certain frequency in the universe capable of healing. Putting words together with a certain frequency produce this fantastic results. It is a law of the universe like gravity (whether some people like it or not). I need to thank Indian people and Kavacham from putting this together for us. Totally grateful 🙂 Regards and blessings to all!

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  3. what a beautiful voice. The entites who are connected to me dont want i listen this to connect to myself.. i can feel it clearly but Hanuman is stronger thanks a lot..

  4. Im giving up hope. I usually dont boast about what I do for people but this has been hurting me deeply for sometime now. I have helped numerous of people my father, co workers, sisters, and even people who are not my relatives. The funny thing is when I need support or help from someone. There is no person in sight! I have come to the conclusion that Im a giver being used. Love to give just hate being down and no one at least checks on me. Its not about materials for me. When I do something I am cheerful and secretive about it.

  5. my brother is working in abroad…recently he had to face an evil attack.some bad spirit entered into his friend's body and started to do starnge things and attack them…they tried many ways to stop him…but it all ended up in failure….when someone showed a holy cross he grabed it and thrown outside…and beaten that guy who showed it…that time brother called me and seeked help…so i suggested him this mantra…he found it online and played…it was a miracle …😍🙏🙏🙏🙏 …that bad spirit get out of the body and gone……even at the moment the mantra has started… was an amazing blessed moment for my brother and his friends….eventhough his friends were other religion followers….they admired the power of lord hanuman and started believe in him.

  6. I think something was trying to get into my head, I started to get into occult stuff and slowly think of evil things, and I slowly became more angry and disrespectful, but after listening I feel like I’m back to my old self…

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